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Draphix Architectural Supplies

Architectural Supplies

Everyone whose work requires tools, equipment and/or printing supplies has experienced supply shortages at one time or another. Printer ink runs dry, paper is depleted, tools break and must be replaced, or a new piece of technology is proving more difficult to order than originally anticipated. These supply issues are more than frustrating: They can be detrimental to your workflows and project timelines.

Rest assured, there are no such things as shipping delays or hard-to-find architectural supplies at We value your time and your commitment to productivity as much as you do. Thankfully, the Draphix team is blessed with unrivaled knowledge of the products that are important to you in your day-to-day business. What that means for you is that those elusive pieces such as top-of-the-line drafting furniture from Mayline Drafting are never more than a mouse click away, and those items you use every day are always close at hand. No matter what your need, will always have those elusive drafting supply products readily available in stock whenever you need them, and will get them to you in a timely fashion.

You have an important job to do, and getting held up because a supplier was slow to ship out your sketch paper rolls or didn't have your shade of Hewlett Packard print cartridges in stock is never an option in your busy schedule. Read on to learn more about what sets Draphix apart from other suppliers.

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Mayline Drafting Products and More

Mayline Drafting

Draphix is proud to offer architects, engineers, drafters, instructors and other design professionals a huge spectrum of high quality architectural supplies at substantial discounts from most retail stores' pricing.

Count on the team at Draphix to assist you with larger purchases, such as the popular Mayline drafting furniture you need to work comfortably and efficiently. Everything from compact drafting tables and chairs to larger workstations and PC desks is available in our online store. But no detail is insignificant to Draphix. You can also count on us for less glamorous but just as important supplies like drafting dots and tape, document tubes, rulers, gliders, lead, erasers and so much more.

In addition to the obvious, templates, drafting kits, blueline paper and other frustratingly hard-to-find supplies are among our specialties. In fact, if you need an item you don't immediately see on any of our products menus, please let us know. Call us at 1-800-499-3040 for information.

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