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Blueprint Paper Sheets and Rolls

Blueprint Paper always has in stock a tremendous variety of sizes in diazo blueprint paper in the sheets or rolls you need to complete any job. Our Blueline papers are of a superior quality, allowing you to produce blueprints with the dense, intense lines and contrast you need for a long-lasting document that retains readability.

Draphix's bluerprint paper products come in sizes ranging from 17"x22" to 30"x42" sheets to 50-yard rolls up to 42 inches wide. Sheets and rolls can be ordered in medium speed for fine line qualities, rapid speed for medium line density on virtually any machine, and super fast varieties for use on table-top diazo and pressure developed blueline equipment. If you're unsure which paper is right for your purposes, or just need to see what we have in stock, we welcome you to contact us for additional information.

In addition to blueprint paper, also carries an impressive array of related products for the production, transport and storage of blueprints. While you're choosing your paper sheets and rolls, check out our other products:

  • Blueprint Sleeves - 30"x4" or 28"x4" with a shoulder strap and enough room for two prints
  • Diazo Copiers - Rotolite and diazit are trusted odor-free printers
  • Shipping/Delivery Bags - durable and weatherproof to protect your work
  • Architectural Blueprint Kits - includes compass w/ parts tube and lead, triangular scales, protractor, curve, eraser and shield, lead holder, lead pointer, lettering pad and carrying case
  • Hewlett Packard Print Cartridges - get the bold, readable blueprints you need with high quality inks

Regular ordering of printing and drafting supplies through presents a unique opportunity for companies to save a significant amount of money on supplies each year. Many of our blueprint sheets and rolls are discounted as much as 75% off the suggested retail price. Included with those discounts is the Draphix promise of speedy delivery.

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