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When ease of use and a clean look are important to you, come to for your art and drafting supplies. We have a large supply of durable drafting tape and drafting dots for clean layouts without leaving behind any sticky residue. In addition to tape and drafting dot rolls, Draphix keeps you fully supplied with other products to help you keep your products clean and professional looking.

Anyone who spends any amount of time at the drawing or drafting board has probably come to truly appreciate the clean erasing capabilities of electric erasers. They can be real-life savers when you're working with delicate papers that require control and precision. And, although this tool has traditionally been used more in CAD design and drafting, many artists and illustrators who do a lot of graphite work are discovering the clean lines and unique appearance they can achieve with this efficient tool.

Electric erasers offer distinct advantages over standard and kneaded erasers. Electric models allow for quick cleanup and sharp, precise erasure, whether on large areas or fine little spots. They can be held with the same grip as a pencil, allowing for better maneuverability than block erasers. This feature lets the user re-establish a clean edge or restore a marked surface to its pristine state. Artists can even carve an eraser to the shape they need for very specific rubbing, or use a high-grit eraser to erase ink; the freshly erased surface that's left behind can be easily re-inked or drawn back in with little to no impact on the integrity of the paper.

For more detailed information about drafting dots, drafting dot rolls and the electric erasers offered here at we welcome you to explore our drafting page. Order the supplies you need by calling 1-800-499-3040 or by using our easy online form (register for quicker reordering of frequently used supplies).

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