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Drafting Drawing Supplies: Pens and Ink

Drafting Drawing Supplies

Draphix's stainless steel Koh-I-Noor Radiograph technical pens are the backbone of any artist's or architect's arsenal of drafting drawing supplies. These refillable pens features stainless steel tips ranging anywhere from .13mm to 1.4mm, with high quality inks that are perfect for use on paper or cloth. We support these products with a full line of replacement inks and cartridges, and all are offered with Draphix pricing that's well below the list price.

For those who prefer not to have the hassle of refilling ink and replacing cartridges, Draphix carries a full line of all-purpose, disposable art and drafting drawing supplies. Our Penstix and Sakura Pigma Graphic brands of pens offer a wide range of pen widths. The clean, leak proof fiber drawing nibs deliver a steady, unbroken flow of high quality ink that will not feather or smear. Penstix and Sakura Pigma are great to have on hand for graphic arts, cartooning and sketching, illustrating, or for any project that requires a professional quality drafting supply.

The same unbeatable pricing we offer on our drafting pens and inks is also applied to all our other drafting supply and surveying supply: erasers, brushes, leads, curves, rulers and gliders, levels and measuring tools, templates and of course paper and printing supplies are all sold on at 20, 30 or even 40 percent or more below the list price.

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Discounted Surveying Supply

Surveyors know that time spent in the elements can be tough on equipment. Flags and tape can get torn or washed away, tools and equipment undergo wear and tear and items can even get lost in transit. That's why it is so vital to have a relationship with a surveying supply company that can offer these products with at deeply discounted prices.

Draphix is that company: We offer a steady supply of surveyors' flags and flagging tapes, as well as tools of the trade, from levels and measuring tapes to measuring wheels, distance measurers and laser measurers. Some of these items are discounted nearly 50% from the list price, meaning our company can save your company a bundling on supplies in the short- and long-term.

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