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Drafting Film Roll

Drafting Film Roll

Architects and draftsmen use a variety of drawing surfaces to prepare drafts, and these surfaces come in a range of formats and sizes to suit many unique purposes, preferences and project needs. Draphix understands the flexibility professionals in all industries need in their products, and we work diligently to provide these materials in a timely fashion with the outstanding service you deserve.

When long-lasting durability is import, consider the drafting film roll and sheet options available to you at the online store. Popular among our customers is vellum, which is used a great deal in manual drafting because it works so well for pencil or pen drafts. The chemical matting makes the surface ideal for both, and because vellum is durable, it stands up well to erasure and re-inking/redrawing. The material is highly resistant to tearing, and will not fade, lose color or become brittle during lengthy storage. carries drafting paper and film in both plain and gridded varieties, as well as in a wide range of sizes. Read on for more information about paper, vellum and Mylar drafting film products offered through

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Mylar Drafting Film

Known most commonly by the brand name Mylar, drafting film is constructed of polyester material, and can be ordered in either rolls or sheets. This strong material is extremely reliable under even the most repetitive erasure and re-inking, and also withstands a wide range of environmental conditions, like heat and humidity, extremely well.

Whether require sheeted paper or you're in the market for a drafting film roll, finding the materials in the sizes you require shouldn't be another chore you have to add to your ever expanding list of responsibilities. Let Draphix make it easy for you. Register today for easy repeated ordering, so you'll never be without the supplies you rely on every day.

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