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Electric Erasers and Accessories

Electric Erasers

Artists, architects and drafters have long appreciated the clean erasing capabilities of electric erasers. In fact, this tool is an essential part of your work repertoire when your drawing surfaces include delicate papers that can tear or wear dangerously thin. Unlike a standard block eraser or kneaded eraser, the electrified version can be held with a grip similar to that of the drawing pencil or pen, allowing the user to have more delicate and directed control over the instrument. This precise control over pressure and movement makes for cleaner lines and a pristine surface that can be re-inked or penciled in again.

Draphix offers Staedtler Mars electric erasers, a brand that is known for its smart, ergonomic design and super-quiet operation. The Lexan housing is lightweight - coming in at only 9 ½ ounces - and durable enough to stand up to the rigors of any workplace. The on/off switch is large and can be conveniently operated by either right-handed or left-handed users. A 10-foot power cord allows for free movement and range.

In addition to high quality electric erasers, shoppers at can find a ready supply of 7-inch Koh-I Noor eraser strip refills that can be cut to fit. Our online store also features polished, stainless steel erasing shields with 26 precision-tooled erasure openings and the Comfort Curve dark hair dusting brush to gently sweep away eraser particles without damaging or smudging paper.

For more detailed information about electric erasers, and the eraser strips and shields offered here at please feel free to explore our drafting page and read our product descriptions. Order the supplies you need by calling 1-800-499-3040 or by using our easy online form. For quicker re-orders of frequently used supplies, take a brief moment to register, using our simple online form.

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