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It is difficult to imagine anything more frustrating and disruptive to the creative process than suddenly running out of a vital supply. When your blueprint paper has run out or all the Hewlett Packard print cartridges have gone dry, these seemingly minor fixes can be catastrophic if there are no replacements on hand.

In offices and creative environments where a high volume of printing generally takes place, high quality Hewlett Packard inkjet cartridges are unlikely to dry out; however, inks can run dry at odd and unpredictable intervals, so you can never have too many Hewlett Packard cartridges on hand.

Most average home printer users can expect anywhere from 2 months to 9 months of use from their Hewlett Packard inkjet cartridges under normal printing conditions. In an office or creative environment where sharp color printing is a must, however, a cartridge can run dry in a matter of a couple of weeks. It is especially common for Hewlett Packard cartridges in yellow to run out faster than other colors, so it is advisable to have more of this shade in stock at all times. When in doubt, keep yellow in stock at about a 2-to-1 ratio compared to other color cartridges.

Draphix has built its reputation as a reliable, knowledgeable supplier with a huge stock of inks in the brands you've come to trust. Our online store,, makes the process of buying and keeping in stock all of the high quality inks you need to keep your business processes flowing without interruption a simple one indeed. We offer Hewlett Packard print cartridges in every color and configuration you could possibly want, all at huge discounts from the suggested retail prices. That ability to purchase and reorder the supplies you use every day means huge savings to your business or home budget.

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