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Mayline C-Files

Self-contained steel flat files have integrated cap and can be bolted together for stacking. Drawers have front metal plan depressor and rear hood to keep documents flat and orderly. The drawer fronts are a double wall construction. Whether the need is for active or archival storage of drawings, C-Files are perfect for the requirement and structurally provide the greatest protection of any plan file on the market.

Stock No. Drawer Dimensions Overall Dimensions
24" x 36" Drawings Specify color when ordering
7867C MAY 5 Drawer 40-3/4"W x 28-3/8"D
7977C MAY 10 Drawer 40-3/4"W x 28-3/8"D
7867W MAY 4" Flush Base 40-3/4"W x 28-3/8"D
7877 MAY 20" High Base 40-3/4"W x 28-3/8"D
30" x 42" Drawings Specify color when ordering
7868C MAY 5 Drawer 46-3/4"W x 35-3/8"D
7978C MAY 10 Drawer 46-3/4"W x 35-3/8"D
7868W MAY 4" Flush Base 46-3/4"W x 35-3/8"D
7878 MAY 20" High Base 46-3/4"W x 35-3/8"D
36" x 48" Drawings Specify color when ordering
7869C MAY 5 Drawer 53-3/4"W x 41-3/8"D
7979C MAY 10 Drawer 53-3/4"W x 41-3/8"D
7869W MAY 4" Flush Base 53-3/4"W x 41-3/8"D
7879 MAY 20" High Base 53-3/4"W x 41-3/8"D

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