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Mayline Wooden Plan Files

From classic oak plan files to durable steel, Mayline offers a file to fit most any filing need. Oak plan files are made from high grade, kiln-dried oak and come in three sizes. Drawers operate smoothly on lubricated wood drawer runs. Wood dowels align individual units when stacked. Hardboard is used for drawer bottoms and the 4” inset hood at the rear of the drawer. The hood keeps papers and drawings from sliding over the back. Drawers have metal handles and optional card holders. Available in Natural Oak, Golden Oak or Unfinished.

24" x 36" Drawings Specify finish when ordering
7717C MAY 5 Drawer 13-78"H x 40-13/16"W x 27-3/4"D
7717S MAY Bookshelf 13-7/8"H
7717U MAY Cap 3/4"H
7717W MAY Flush Base 4"H
30" x 42" Drawings Specify finish when ordering
7718C MAY 5 Drawer 13-78"H x 45-5/8"W x 34-3/4"D
7718S MAY Bookshelf 13-7/8"H
7718U MAY Cap 3/4"H
7718W MAY Flush Base 4"H

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