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5 and 10 Drawer Steel Flat Files

A Classic file that’s built tough and looks great. Features welded steel construction, wrap-around corners and a sturdy inner frame. The cabinets are constructed of heavy gauge steel and have front supports to add stacking strength. Files are modular so they can be used individually or stacked up to 5 high on a Closed Base. No separate cap is required. Versatile five 2” deep drawer design allows each unit to store up to 500 sheets. Ten 1” deep drawers allow the easiest retrieval of materials from the file and minimize material damage.

Stock No. Drawer Dimensions Overall Dimensions
5 Drawer Files Specify color when ordering
4994 SAF 2-1⁄8”Hx37”Wx26”D 16-1⁄2”Hx40-3⁄8”Wx29-3⁄8”D
4996 SAF 2-1⁄8”Hx43”Wx32”D 16-1⁄2”Hx46-3⁄8”Wx35-3⁄8”D
4998 SAF 2-1⁄8”Hx37”Wx26”D 16-1⁄2”Hx53-3⁄8”Wx41-3⁄8”D
10 Drawer File Specify color when ordering
4986 SAF

11⁄8”H x 43”W x 32”D

Closed Base Specify color when ordering
4995 SAF

Fits file 4994 SAF

4997 SAF

Fits file 4996, 4986 SAF

4999 SAF

Fits file 4998 SAF

20" High Base Specify color when ordering
4975 SAF

Fits file 4994 SAF

4977 SAF

Fits file 4996, 4986 SAF

4979 SAF

Fits file 4998 SAF

Optional Lock Kits
4981 SAF Lock kit for 5 drawer
4983 SAF Lock kit for 10 drawer


A. Extra-strength drawer rails insure proper drawer alignment for smooth operation without jamming
B. Heavy steel side-roller assembly with case-hardened steel ball-bearing rollers.An economical compact top
C. Positive closure keeps drawers tightly shut.
D. Courtesy stops keep drawers from rolling while in open position.
Sheets are protected by rear hood E and hinged front depressor F in each drawer which also prevent them from curling.
Functionally designed label holders G and chrome drawer handles H.

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