Type 400 Repro Film 8 1/2 X 11 100 Sheets Box

40011 RAY

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By Rayven, Inc. Repro Film is a time and labor saving product for architects, engineers and graphic designers. This unique self adhesive film can be imaged on with a copier or laser printer. The image can then be cut out and applied to most paper and film surfaces.

Repro Film consists of a thin top film made from coated polyester film. The film is extremely tough considering its thinness. The top coating is specially formulated to allow the toner from the copier or laser printer to adhere. You can also draw on the surface with pen or pencil.

Clear polyester adhesive film with a glossy surface.This product will almost disappear when applied to most glossy papers. Product Description and Machine Type: Type 400 Thin. 1.5 Mil polyester face with a Polyester liner hot copier & laser.